Whether you need it cut, folded, inserted, or bound we can take care of it for you. We are here 24 hours a day to make sure the final touches to your publication are handled with care

    Bindery Equipment
  • Muller-Martini 6 pocket plus cover feeder saddlestitcher
  • Muller-Martini 6 pocket plus cover feeder saddlestitcher
  • Two Challenge 3-hole paper drills
  • Prism 40" paper cutter
  • Challenge 32" paper cutter
  • Challenge 30" paper cutter
  • MBO TP49 folder
  • Baum 23" X 35" folder


If we are preparing your publication for mailing, you can simply email us your mailing list, and we'll take it from there. If your publication has inserts, you can have them shipped to us, or you can let us print them for you and forget the shipping worries. Once your publication is prepared for mailing, we have in-plant mail verification to insure that your mailed piece is on its way as quickly as possible.

    Mailing Equipment
  • Ultra 500 MHZ PC
  • Genicon 4842e Printer
  • Kirk Rudy 215 Labeler
  • Kirk Rudy 516 Inline Folder
  • Pitney Bowes 5630 Meter
  • Tish 300 Impulse Sealer
  • PC Based Computer and Software (CASS-certified)
  • Tully T6212 4-up Label Printer
  • Muller-Martini 4 into 1 inserter with 4-up Cheshire mail head
  • Muller-Martini 3 into 1 inserter with 4-up Cheshire mail head


We can take your publication wherever you need it to go. If you've travelled the highways and byways of the northeast, chances are good that you've seen a Turley Publications truck or van along the way. We are constantly on the go, getting our customers projects where they need to be and when they need to be there.

    Distribution Equipment
  • 6 26-foot Trucks with liftgates
  • 1 Cube Truck
  • 3 Vans
  • 3 Courier Vehicles

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